Save-a-Pet Rescue Dog Show Entry Form

Date of the Event: 26 November 2023

Please note the following before completing an entry form:

  • This is a fun show open to dogs who have been adopted from any rescue organisation.
  • Entries cost R50.00 per class.
  • Proof of up-to-date vaccination will be required (e.g. a photo of your pet’s vet card).
  • Dogs must be sterilised (spayed / neutered)
  • Please consider your pet’s mental wellbeing and whether they will cope in an environment with lots of other people and dogs.
  • Only entrants are permitted, unfortunately we cannot accommodate extra pets.

Please complete one entry form per dog.

    Owner's Name and Surname:

    Contact Number:


    Dog's Name:



    Breed (if known):

    Which organisation did you adopt from? :

    Is your dog sterilised:

    Are your dog's vaccinations up-to-date? YesNo

    Upload proof of vaccination in .pdf or .jpg format. Note that file size limit is 4mb :

    Has your dog been socialised outside the home? :

    How does your dog respond to strangers? :

    Does your dog need space (i.e. do not like other dogs approaching their face or don’t like strangers touching them)? :

    Please tick which class(es) you would like to enter @ R50.00 per class:

    : Goofiest Underbite/Overbite
    : Scruffiest Dog
    : Spottiest Dog
    : Classic Brown Dog
    : Quirkiest Ears
    : Spriteliest Senior
    : Most Creative Outfit
    : Coolest Trick
    : Best Obedience Demo (1-2 min freestyle)

    Total cost, banking details and additional information will be sent to you.