Microchip Appointment Booking

Cost: R150.00 per microchip. Additional donations will be most welcome ??

Steps for making an appointment and payment:
1. Select an appointment date and time from the calendars below. Please wait for the calendars to load.
2. Enter your email and “submit”. You will be re-directed to a “Thank you” page.
3. Pay using one of the methods on the Thank You page.
4. Send proof of payment to: manager@saveapet.co.za. Please also indicate if your pet is a dog or a cat.
5. Download the Identipet App onto your phone and add your details.
6. Bring your pet to Save-a-Pet on your appointment date and time – please don’t be late.
7. After your pet has been microchipped, scan the microchip’s barcode using the Identipet App and add your pet’s details.