Wish List

To keep the Save-a-Pet kennels and grounds in good condition takes a lot of hard work and a wide variety of materials.

The need is never-ending and the generosity of our supporters is sincerely appreciated.

We are appealing for the following much-needed items to be donated:

ADULT DOG PELLETS – Save-a-Pet uses approximately 80 kg of dog pellets every day. Along with feeding the rescues at the shelter, we also assist indigent community members with food for their animals.


ENRICHMENT – Toys, Food dispensing toys (e.g. Kong), Hooves, Treats, Half-shells (for swimming pools and digging patches).

CLEANING MATERIALS – Thick Bleach, Washing Powder, Pine Gel, Dishwashing Liquid, F10SC, VirkonS, Brooms, Scrubbing Brushes, Mops, Buckets, Hose pipes, Spray bottles

MAINTENANCE EQUIPMENT – Chainsaw, Pliers, Screwdriver set, Jigsaw, Grinder, Socket set, Allen key set, Extension cords, Rakes, Wheelbarrows.

STATIONERY – Black pens, Printer paper, Plastic sleeves.

FENCING – Welded mesh fencing – 3.15mm diameter, 50x50mm apertures. Wire for attaching fencing.

ARTIFICIAL GRASS – to provide more comfortable areas for dogs to lie in the cement kennels.

VIBRACRETE WALLING – We would like to build a vibracrete wall around the perimeter of the kennels to increase the safety of our animals and as added protection from bush fires.


FIREFIGHTING EQUIPMENT – Fire extinguishing balls, Fire extinguishers, Fire beaters


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SPONSOR A STERILISATION – Many indigent community members would like their animals sterilised, but cannot afford the cost. Each sterilisation saves thousands of lives, by preventing unwanted litters and improving the health and wellbeing of the sterilised animal.

PET SPONSORSHIP – Sponsor a Save-a-Pet dog or cat for just R50.00 per month. More information and online sponsorship form on this page – Sponsor a Pet.

Please contact us if you can help with any of these items, or if you have any queries :   manager@saveapet.co.za

You can download our wishlist here : Save-a-Pet Wishlist