Legacy Giving

Your Legacy can Give Hope to the Helpless

Your Will is your final testament of how you want to leave all your worldly goods in the event of your death. It is your last act of kindness to whomever you feel committed towards. In due season, family, friends or your favoured charity could be blessed by the inheritance you’ve thoughtfully planned.

A Legacy is a Gift that costs you nothing over your lifetime, yet allows you to honour your loved ones after your death.

You may have sympathy with the untold number of homeless domestic pets in our city, in which case you’ll want to enable good work that can be carried out in your name. You may also think back to beloved pets who have shared life’s ups and downs with you.

Save-a-Pet believes that every animal is unique and should feel protected, appreciated and loved by a responsible owner. This is difficult to do when there are simply far more animals than there are homes.

As such, Save-a-Pet’s policies may appeal to you; one of which deals with pet overpopulation – putting a stop to breeding allows us to manage better the animals that are already in existence. It is particularly in this area of veterinary assistance, and nutritious feeding of animals, that the tremendous value of bequests lie.

A Pro-Life Shelter

Allowing each and every homeless pet in our care an equal chance to enjoy quality of life.

Save-a-Pet shelter does not euthanize animals other than those who are terminally sick or injured, are in distress, and cannot be treated.

All of our resources are used to fulfil our objectives which are:

  • To rescue, rehabilitate and provide care and shelter for abused and abandoned domestic pets.
  • To render whatever support and veterinary assistance is achievable to the domestic pets of genuinely needy people.
  • To function with a pro-life policy and euthanize only on the advise of a veterinarian.
  • To find good (pre-approved) homes for the domestic pets under our care.
  • To educate the public in taking better care of their animals with emphasis on the importance of sterilisation.

At any given time, Save-a-Pet is home to well over 200 dogs and cats in our care.

Along with caring for the animals at the shelter, Save-a-Pet is also involved in assisting many needy animals in the local community to whom we offer free treatment and sterilisation.

Save-a-Pet’s Structure

As a registered non-profit organisation, we are governed by a Constitution which specifies the legal position, the objects, the powers and the structure of the Society.

Underlining our authenticity, we operate according to the Codes of Good Practice for South African Nonprofit Organisations as recommended by the Department of Social Development.

Extended Benefits

Being tax-exempt as a Public Benefit Organisation, any funds left to Save-a-Pet will also be tax exempt in terms of section 4(h) of the Estate Duty Act No. 45 of 1955.

Click here to download our Legacy Giving brochure and feel free to contact us for more information at manager@saveapet.co.za