Thank You Beachfront Traders Association

On behalf of all the animals in our care, Save-a-Pet would like to say a huge
to the Beachfront Traders Association for their generous financial donation and support.

Please support our local traders.

The Kings Beach Flea Market is open every Sunday with a huge variety of arts and crafts and tasty treats on sale. Located on a scenic stretch of Port Elizabeth’s beachfront this is a great place to spend a few hours on a Sunday.

beachfront_traders1bMore information can be found on their website at and you can Like their Facebook page here –

Johann Gerber of the Beachfront Traders Association sent this message along with their donation:

“The Beachfront Traders Association would like to make a charitable donation of R5,000.00 to Save-a-Pet in honour of all the wonderful work that your organization does within the Port Elizabeth community.

Your hard work and dedication are appreciated and we hope that these resources will assist you in your continuing endeavours to assist those in need. We thank you for your efforts and look forward to a long and lasting relationship.”


Save-a-Pet relies entirely on donations to continue the work we do, so donations like this are received with gratitude.

Thank you Johann and the Beachfront Traders Association !