Boot Sale

                                            BOOT SALE - EVERY 1st SATURDAY OF THE MONTH

boot_sale_1aOur very popular Boot Sale is held on the 1st Saturday of every month and we will be there with everything you thought you would never find! Come along and join us in a lovely country setting and "spend" the whole morning with us.

If you've never been before you can always find us in the car park of The Elephant Walk Restaurant at Cows Corner, Colleen Glen.


boot_sale_2aWe open at 08h00 and end at 13h00. The Save-a-Pet "stalls" (2) sell a wide variety of goods from cheap clothes to household goods as well as delicious and very popular filled rolls donated by Eve and Bryn John and a range of cakes donated by Maureen Cowan. The restaurant is also open for breakfast, brunch or lunch and there is also a farm stall, leather and jewelry shops. Guys, whilst your dear lady is spending your money, the bar is open and caters for the big sporting events on "the dish".

                                  IF YOU WANT IT WE'VE PROBABLY GOT IT!

boot_sale_1bIf you want to sell items you will need to be there no later than 07h30. Our record number of sellers (boots) is 45, so you can tell that it's a very popular venue. There is no entrance fee - we ask all sellers to donate 10% of your takings to Save-a-Pet. We trust you not to cheat a charitable organisation.


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