The New Adventures of Len

Have you considered giving a home to one of Save-a-Pet’s precious Golden Oldies? That’s what Irene Asherson did recently, and she sent us a description of Len’s first day in his new forever home. We are sure you’ll enjoy reading about the New Adventures of Len.

Day 1 with Len – what I’ve learned :

His tail has only one setting – wag. He himself has two settings, explore wildly, and snooze. He’s very interested in the dog in the mirror and those being walked past the house. He tries to start a game with my dog statue, but the results so far have been disappointing. He barks at the dog in the window reflection though; not so sure about him.

golden oldieHe prefers to be hand fed, especially what you’re eating. And what is the point of a Frisbee if it doesn’t have food in it? You look amusing throwing a ball, too, and who wants a teddy, really? He’s chosen where he sits on one of the couches, and where he sleeps in my bed. He snores (even when he’s awake, like my mother).

If you put your face anywhere near him it’ll get properly licked; he’s very kissy. Don’t try going to the bathroom without him though, what’s up with that?

The sight of the waves breaking is marginally interesting, but TV is a seriously curious phenomenon that’s going to take some figuring.

He has a hint of the blue of age in his eyes and has lost a good few teeth. He seems to me to be quite arthritic, but if he is my vet will put him on supplements I’m sure. She’ll microchip him as well. He’s only too happy to wear a collar with his address and phone number on it. He doesn’t seem to know his name yet, but he’ll soon figure it out; look how fast he found out where the biltong’s kept!

He really likes my office, he’s pretty sure what I do in here generates the dog food. He’s also happy to go for a walk on the lead, and he knows to come to a complete stop if there’s a car. But don’t try walking past his house; he’ll come to a complete stop here too, at the gate.

Irene sent the following update a few days later…

Len is catching up his puppy stage I think, he’s too, too gorgeous.

We’re going to have to carpet over the tiles again (we did for our previous seniors), because he’s a bit of a race-n-chase around here. He has specific things he likes to chew, slippers – and jerseys – ? and TV remotes are apparently delicious. He’s so curious, unpacking everything, the laundry baskets, my office shelf -he’s so sweet. He’s just the kissiest dog ever !

I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire the work of Save a Pet. Your shelter is by far the most wonderful I have seen in all the years, anywhere in the country, probably in the world?

Len shares his observations on his new adventures…

I quite like these new people I own; it’s been a week and we’re getting on famously.

And that brush, aaaaah, soooo nice, but leave on some fur will ya ? (Mind you, I can probably collect some off the couches if I need).

You should have known I’m smart – did you really think you’d have to ‘house train’ me because I come from a shelter ? I can tell the difference between the grass outside and the carpet inside ya know.

And just because you think I’m colour blind, don’t imagine for one minute I can’t see you trying to hide a disgusting tablet in my food. Never mind, I’ll eat around that.

I understand what you say too by the way. I admit I do zone out sometimes – your conversations can be boring, but I like it when you talk to me, tell me how wonderful I am, or discuss what I’m getting for supper – that’s interesting.

I also like the saucer of milk in the mornings; I’ve seen cats getting that before so I assumed it was an inferior food item, but it turns out I should have been putting a tick (no I mean a check) next to that on my breakfast menus.

What’s with those awful green sticks you think I’ll chew on because they’re “good for my teeth”. You try one. (It’s not like I have all my teeth anyway). But the butternut flavour ones are good, you can get more of those.

The Homemade Dog Biscuits from Dog’s Own Bakery are delicious. You should get them at the Elephant Walk shop, I see they’re cheaper there. If I remember correctly, that’s what you used to bribe me into your car, and I’m glad you did. I know what’s up now when I hear the crackling of a packet.

Oh, and I see you have me classified as a ‘Golden Oldie’ – ? For your information I’m an 11 year old puppy. It’s the new person I own that’s the Golden Oldie, (much more of the oldie to be honest, none of the gold). I don’t see her jumping on and off the bed !

Speaking of – she sure can snore ! The first few days I was so worried by this I had to get on top of her and lick her awake to be sure she’s OK. And she wonders why I sleep in Sindie’s bed rather, or on the couch ?

How come you bring home some fancy-ass rope thing and then throw away the best bit, the cardboard ? If I hide these so-called “toys” will you stop bringing these home ? I’ll take the teddies though.

I’m brilliant at recycling. Any boxes, paper, I can get it down to bite-size bits in no time. Oops hadn’t  you finished with those magazines ? I didn’t realise they were the September issues – they really should mark these things more clearly.

September 8 — An update from Len

These new people I own sure do overreact ! I just happened to be on my tippy hind toes trying to peer over the wall and they declared a state of emergency. Chonking up a 6 foot fence as we speak. I mean, I know I’m in phenomenal shape, but really – 6 feet? Well, I guess I’m flattered. (They’re probably worried I’ll adopt the neighbour instead ha ! ).

All I was trying to do was to see the neighbours – they’re huuuuge walking shells with dinosaur faces. Talk about turkey neck haha. Seriously though, they look positively Jurassic, someone should carbon date them.

So, you know how I said I love boxes to play with, right ? And Jackie at Save a Pet warned you that I would not countenance having another dog around me. But did you listen ? OH Nooooooooh, you bring home some random dog you found in the street in the middle of nowhere and just expect me to play with her. I condescended to have a game on the lawn; I  entertained her the best  could. But you know how some people just waaaay overstay their welcome ? And all this running around is just plain wearing me out. Then to add insult to insult you start talking about her being a baby sister for me, seriously ? A sibling ? Some surprise. Next time just bring home extra treats. She is obviously totally unsuitable as a companion to my genteel self, charging all over the place, jumping on everything and generally behaving like – well – a puppy ! Rumbustious, hardly slows down to a blur. And all the barking and squeaky noises she makes, nuff said. I had to sit on her head to calm her down. In the end, I had no option but to see her off the property ! Hopefully the people she owns will look for her, but in the meantime she’s at the Border Collie rescue. (That explains why she was trying to herd me into the corner the whole time).

Speaking of barking, the person I own is spending a few days in bed with some malaise or other, and boy can she bark ! Who Knew ? Nothing coherent or anything; she’s probably feverish. But really. I gave up the shelter with all the barking going on, and now she barks too, and when there’s nothing to bark about. Thank goodness it’s apparently temporary.

Article contributed by Irene Asherson


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