Buy Nutribyte from Save-a-Pet

Save-a-Pet is pleased to announce that we have been appointed as a retail outlet for the Nutribyte range of cat and dog food.

When you buy your pet food from us, you'll be helping us to feed our furkids.

Click on the links below to view Nutribyte's Product Catalogue and the Retail Price List

Product Catalogue  ||  Retail Price List

We currently have a small range of stock available for sale in our reception at our shelter in Greenbushes, as we try to gauge what the demand will be. 
(We hope it will be HUGE!)

If you would like to support us in this new fund-raising venture, please email your order to and we will let you know when the stock will be ready for you to collect.

We will be liaising with our supplier on delivery quantities and availability, so please be patient with us through this 'teething' period. We sincerely appreciate your support.