Adopt A Dog

The staff at Save-a-Pet will assist in matching you with the right dog once they know about your current animals and requirements.

Please visit our “Adoption Gallery” to view some of the animals living at Save-a-Pet’s shelter in Greenbushes, Port Elizabeth.

Our puppies are quarantined for a two week vaccination period and then socialized with older dogs. Adults are in large, fenced kennels, where you can meet them.

All our dogs are up to date with their vaccinations and deworming. The adults have all been sterilized.

Adopted puppies will be sterilized at the age of 6 months. If you have chosen one of our dogs and you have other dogs, we highly recommend a doggy introduction to test compatibility at Save-a-Pet in a large enclosed garden area, under staff supervision.

If all goes well, the next process would be for a Save-a-Pet representative to do a property check. This is to ensure that your property is well secured, the new dog has a kennel or an undercover area (if an outdoor dog) and there is a large enough grass garden area. If the property check is positive, come to Save-a-Pet to legally adopt your new dog. Please bring a collar and lead!

Our adoption fee includes up to date vaccinations, deworming, sterilization and an identification tag to attach to the dog’s collar.

R700.00: Puppy
R700.00: Adult Younger than 5 years
R550.00: Adult Older than 5 years

Some things to consider when adopting a dog:

Consult your entire household – Who will care for the dog?

Consider your lifestyle – Are you away for most of the day? Do you have young children or other pets that may not interact well with a new dog? Is an energetic puppy that needs to be housebroken, prone to chewing everything and in need of obedience training, right for you?

Evaluate your accommodation – Many rental places do not allow pets. A flat is not suitable for a dog.

Time management – Do you have time to train, socialize and offer companionship? What about time to feed, clean up after, groom, exercise, and play with the dog?

Budget expenses for your pet – Do you have money for food, toys, bowls, collars, obedience lessons, tick and flea treatments, annual vaccinations and veterinarian bills?

Pets need room to roam – Do you have the appropriate space? Large dogs need lots of space.

Troubles – are you prepared to deal with damaged furniture, fleas, accidents on the good carpet, etc.

Prepare for a lifetime commitment – they don’t remain cute, adorable puppies forever, but an animal’s loyalty and love never waver. It’s a win-win situation for sure.

Putting in time and effort to lovingly train your dog will prevent “troublesome” behaviour and be a bonding experience with your pet.