save-a-pet-logo-pngA huge THANK YOU you to everyone who has adopted their pets from Save-a-Pet over the years.

Some of our happy adoption tales and updates are featured below and here.

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Lulu (previously known as Lindor) loving her new home.

Little "NicNak" now named Odie, simply enjoying his new home with my daughter. Such a happy chap, bouncing all over the place sure has him exhausted. Thank you Save-A-Pet for our little fur bundle of joy ~ Carol

golden oldie adopted

Save-a-Pet Golden Oldie, Len, was adopted in August 2015 by Irene Asherson. You can read all about the New Adventures of Len here.

It seemed for a while that Buddy was destined not to find his forever home ... but look at him now. He was adopted in March 2016 and is the happiest chappy ever and loving every moment in his new home with Pieter and Carl.



Just an update on how our (not so) little Basil is doing.
He has made himself at home, has learnt that he can jump on the bed and couch which we allow as he is an only child and is spoiled rotten. In fact, he sleeps in the bed with us, sharing my pillow. We do play a game every morning where he steals my work clothes and I have to chase him around the house in order to get them back. We still going through some separation anxiety when we leave in the mornings, but he is learning to amuse himself with his coke bottles, fluffy toy, chew toy with treats and digging (what I can only assume is an escape route) in the garden.

basil-adopted-01He loves the beach, and his favourite game is to run between mom and dad. He is very good at recall and enjoys the games we can play because we know he will come back to us. He isn't very adventurous, but enjoys walks with us... unless it is windy. He will fight to stay in the house if there is wind, which is very cute. He goes to the Dog School, and is doing very. He recently passed puppy socialization class. He loves his friends at school, but gets easily distracted during class. It is okay though because he is well behaved at home... unless Dad aggravates him then he barks and stalks dad's hands. He is also going through a phase where Dad isn't allowed to touch mom and sits on my lap very protectively.


All in all, he has brought much love and joy to our home. We love coming home to him and watching his antics. He is incredibly loving and enjoys any interaction. Our lives have been happier with him in it, and we are so happy that Save-A-Pet introduced him into our lives.  Thank you again. Candy    (October 2016)


by Susan Rossouw (Pretoria)

On the wintery morning of 11 June 2014, I was at work early and opened up Facebook when I saw a posting which Natalie of Save-a-Pet had done with a photo of a thin, neglected Jack Russell girl who was just admitted to the shelter. The posting lingered in my mind the whole morning until I decided to phone Save-a-Pet. Natalie gave me a background of this special girl and I decided right away to adopt her. After a home check was done, my application was approved. Save-Pet was so kind to go out of their way to arrange a sponsored flight to transport little Pebbles to Johannesburg.

adopted dog Pebbles

On 2 July 2014, I fetched her at OR Tambo airport with tears in my eyes. This lovely, good-natured and playful girl has adapted so well and accepted my other fur kids without reservations. She sleeps inside and just loves to eat! No reward is as big as adopting the right pet. I shall never regret the day when I decided to adopt Pebbles, since she has only brought joy and great pleasure to my life. After the prompt and professional service which I have received from Save-a-Pet, I decided to become a member of the shelter. Thanks Save-a-Pet and keep up the excellent work that you do!

Adopted in February 2017, Maddie and Lily (previously Halle and Marilyn) are loving their new home!


Rescued Greyhounds Speed and Wonder are living the dream. Thank you Ronwin Kelly for adopting these two beauties.

"Dallas has been with us just over a year now. Not sure which party got luckier." - Patrick Massey-Hicks (May 2016)


Clearly a win-win situation here. Thank you for adopting from Save-a-Pet and for the update !

emily-rose darwin

March 2016:  Emily-Rose and Darwin have been adopted by the residents of the Quad House in Newton Park and have made themselves quite at home. They are pictured here with House Matron Dee and Quad House resident Casper.



Adopted from Save-a-Pet 3 years ago, Davey and his family celebrated his 5th birthday in April 2016.  Thank you for the update Belinda Botha.  It is always a pleasure to see how our adoptees are thriving in their forever homes.


Fun on the beach for Freckles and Faye!

A year in the life of Jackson (previously Mumford) in his very happy forever home. Thank you Nicole and family for adopting from Save-a-Pet and for giving us an update on this lovely boy.  


Polly and Champ's favourite chill-out spot is on Shavonne Van Der Walt's table. Thank you for the update, Shavonne,  and for giving these two fur-kids a loving forever home.

I adopted Hero when he was around 12 weeks old in November. I also met Carly that day and couldn't get her off my mind. I went back in December to fetch her too. They are best friends and play and chase each other until they pass out. (Nicole Gerber)

adopted dog dixie

Dixie, a two year-old Toy Pom cross, was the pet of an elderly lady, who left him in the care of a domestic worker when
she had to go into a Frail Care home. Dixie was left to fend for himself, stayed outdoors and ran the streets, where he was picked up and taken to AWS. He was sterilized and sent back to the domestic worker.

Dixie was very lonely, kept running into the street and was almost killed. A concerned neighbour contacted Robyn Evans of Save-a-Pet, who bathed and fed him and found a foster home for three months.  They were unable to keep him longer, so he was sent to Save-a-Pet, until he was adopted by a couple. Yet again he was returned for “lifting his leg inside”.  A few days later, Elsie and Eric Fripp took him home to foster, but have so fallen in love with him that he now has a permanent home.  He has three other Toy Pom siblings. He loves the huge garden, where they run and play freely to their hearts’ content.  At 19:00 disappears to bed... under the covers with Elsie and Eric!