FAQ & General Information

What is the adoption procedure for dogs?

Once you have chosen a dog you will be required to fill in an “Application to Adopt” form.

A property check will be carried out before you take your dog home.

Upon passing the property check, if the dog is ready to leave Save-a-Pet you can come in and complete the Adoption Contract, pay the fee and take your dog home.

What is the adoption procedure for cats?

Once you have chosen a cat you will be required to fill in an “Application to Adopt” form.

A property check will be carried out before you take your cat home. 

Upon passing the property check, if the cat is ready to leave Save-a-Pet you will complete an Adoption Contract, pay the fee and take your cat home. Please bring a pet carrier or suitable container for transport. In addition to the safety factor, this will make the transition from the shelter to your home a more positive experience for you and your cat.  

How much is the adoption fee and what does it cover?

Adoption fee for puppies and dogs under 6 years old – R800.00

Adoption fee for dog 6 years and older – R650.00

Adoption fee for kittens – R500.00

Adoption fee for adult cats – R400.00

Our adoption fees include: Identipet microchip, sterilization, vaccinations up to date of adoption, tick & flea treatment and deworming up to date of adoption. Further vaccinations required from the date of adoption onwards will be for your own account at your own vet.

More information on microchipping

We are offering a microchipping service at the Save-a-Pet shelter, using the Identipet product. For more information please email manager@saveapet.co.za or phone 041 372 1780

Microchipping – Successfully Reuniting Owners with Lost Pets

Losing a pet is a very frightening experience, for pet and owner alike. No matter how secure your property may be, accidents can happen and pets can go missing.

Our Save-a-Pet shelter staff can attest to the fact that the vast majority of stray animals coming in have no form of identification. This results in some animals sitting at the shelter for days before owners come looking for them or others never being claimed.

Studies have revealed that dogs and cats with microchips are more likely to be returned to their owners, highlighting the importance of having your pets microchipped. The simple act of implanting a microchip could reduce stress for owners and pets by reuniting them much more quickly.

So what are microchips? Microchips are tiny computer chips that have been encoded with a unique identification number. The size of a grain of rice, or smaller, the microchip is implanted beneath your pet’s skin using a special syringe and needle. All vets and animal shelters will use a microchip scanner to scan for an identification chip. The person scanning can then look up the unique number on the various microchip companies’ databases.

The procedure of implantation and registration of the microchip is so quick and easy there is really no reason not to.

Why not just use a collar and tag? Collars and/or tags on pets are a great way for owners to be quickly contacted if pets are picked up. However, they can come off or the tag could be damaged. An additional benefit of microchipping is that your pet can unequivocally be identified as yours, particularly in cases of theft. Microchips also cost a once off fee for a lifetime of identification.

Of course, for your microchip to be effective, it is important to keep your details up-to-date on the microchip database. Most microchip companies offer quick and easy ways to do this.

Recognising the importance of microchipping in reuniting owners with pets, Save-a-Pet will now be microchipping every cat and dog adopted from us.

Does the adoption fee cover vaccinations?

All vaccinations will be up to date as at the date of adoption.

Further vaccinations required from the date of adoption onwards will be for your own account at your own vet.

When will my new pet be sterilised?

All adult dogs and cats are sterilised as soon as possible after arriving at Save-a-Pet.

Puppies and kittens at Save-a-Pet are sterilised at 6 months of age.

All puppies and kittens adopted must be sterilised at 6 months of age as per the Adoption Contract. The cost is covered by the adoption fee. 

A reminder will be sent to you and bookings for sterilisations are made through Save-a-Pet. However, the onus is on the owner to ensure that the arrangements for sterilisation are made. 

What if my new pet becomes ill?

As per the Adoption Contract, should your pet become ill within 7 (seven) days of signing said contract, Save-a-Pet will be responsible for the veterinary fees attached to treating the animal.

If your pet becomes ill, please contact Save-a-Pet immediately so that arrangements can be made for veterinary care through one of our designated veterinarians.

Veterinary treatment after the 7 (seven) day period will be for your own account.

If I return my dog/cat will my adoption fee be refunded?

No.  As per the Adoption Contract, adoption fees are considered a donation and are non-refundable.

A period of 3 (three) months is permitted in which to exchange your pet for another at no additional fee.

Should you wish to exchange a pet after 3 (three) months, a full adoption fee will apply.

Can I give my adopted dog/cat to someone else?

No.  As per the Adoption Contract, you may not pass on ownership to anyone else.

If you are no longer in the position to keep your adopted pet please contact Save-a-Pet to return the animal or for assistance with re-homing.

Any new owner will need to go through the adoption process.

Can I surrender my dog/cat to Save-a-Pet?

Save-a-Pet has limited space to take in animals, so each case is dealt with individually.

Please contact us with your enquiry.

What happens with lost dogs/cats?

Cats and dogs brought into Save-a-Pet as lost will go into quarantine and receive medical treatment if needed. Every effort will be made to network the animal through social media. After a period of 7 (seven) days the animal legally becomes the property of Save-a-Pet and can be rehomed. If your animal has gone missing, please contact Save-a-Pet and all other shelters, as well as vet clinics in Port Elizabeth. Email a picture of your animal and if it seems that it may be at one of the shelters, go and take a look. Unsterilised animals will only be returned to owners after being sterilised. An adoption or claiming fee will apply depending on the medical attention the animal needs.

Does Save-a-Pet have a veterinarian/clinic on its premises?

No. Save-a-Pet makes use of private veterinarians.

If your animal is ill or injured, please contact your local veterinarian.