Current Projects at Save-a-Pet

Running an animal shelter requires a lot of resources, and Save-a-Pet’s to-do list is lengthy. We rely on donations and physical assistance from the Port Elizabeth community to develop and maintain the facilities to keep our animals in relative comfort while they recover from any trauma they may have suffered and wait to be adopted into loving homes.

We are highlighting the projects listed below as some of our more urgent needs. Please take a look at them and if you, or anyone you know, would be able to help out in any way at all, please contact Save-a-Pet.

dog kennels

rescue shelter


Insulation of Kennel Roofing

Come summertime with the sun beating down on the metal and asbestos roofing in the enclosures, the inside kennel areas get very hot. Unfortunately, this is sometimes the only shade available to the animals. It would be great if someone could provide some form of insulation such as Styrofoam, Durafoil, Alububble etc. A method for attaching the insulation would also be needed depending on the type of insulation e.g. screws, washers, strips of wood. Any solutions and suggestions are welcome.



Shade Clothshelter

Any donations of shade cloth would be very helpful in providing additional shade for the animals in their enclosures. As described above, the inside kennel areas can get very hot so a bit of outside shade would be a welcome relief for the animals on hot days.



kennelsDuring rainy weather the grass enclosures can become quite water-logged. The situation is even worse in heavy rain when the enclosures become flooded and the animals can only find dry spots in the kennels. Drainage channels could be dug and reinforced at the rear of the enclosures directing water away from this area. If someone with a knowledge of how to set up proper drainage could assist us with planning and implementing this it would help so much. Of course, anyone who would like to offer manpower to for this project is most welcome to let us know.



If you can assist with any or part of these projects, know of anyone who may be willing to assist or charge a lower rate, or would like to make a donation towards a specific need, please contact us – we would love to hear from you!