2016 Annual Street Collection

A MASSIVE, HEARTFUL THANK YOU TO THE PORT ELIZABETH COMMUNITY. Our annual street collection proved once again how caring everyone is with regards to the welfare of our animals. AN UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF NEARLY R58 500.00 WAS RAISED.

Thank you so much to each and every volunteer for the outstanding effort you made, which in turn made this such a success. Every hour you spent standing around Port Elizabeth holding Save-a-Pet tins contributed to this great result. Your enthusiasm and willingness is much appreciated and many needy animals will benefit.

streetcollection2016The Street Collection organisers put in many hours of phoning, dropping off and collecting tins to make sure that everything ran smoothly and according to plan. Counting the money was an exciting task as each tin was opened, revealing the generosity of the public and the perseverance of our “tin shakers”.

A very special thank you to Elna for compiling many lists and for spending hours and hours deciphering all our totals from counting on Saturday, 24 September 2016, ensuring that everything balanced, and that no tins were unaccounted for. It was a marathon effort Elna, for which we are truly grateful.

Thank you to Barbara for re-counting all the money – a mammoth task that took many, many hours. You are a super star Barbara – thank you! Thank you Richard, Barbara and Dave for getting the money safely to the bank.

A great team effort – thank you all.